Eclipse Lessons


  1. Eclipse Lessons
  2. Lesson: There are eclipses and there are Eclipses
  3. Total Lunar Eclipse Los Angeles, California July 6, 1982
  4. Lovely without being eclipsed..
  5. Falling into the earth's shadow...
  6. Just about gone...
  7. Total Lunar Eclipse (This is what we waited for?)
  8. Lesson: A lunar eclipse is not an Eclipse
  9. Partial solar eclipse Marshalltown, Iowa July 20, 1963
  10. The moon takes its first bite of the sun!
  11. The moon gobbles a little more..
  12. And more.....
  13. This is starting to get interesting...
  14. But that was a good as it gets!
  15. Parting shot...
  16. Lesson: A partial solar eclipse is not an Eclipse
  17. Total Solar Eclipse Portland, Oregon February 26, 1979
  18. Oregon is wet in the winter
  19. Flying into Portland...
  20. Eclipse day weather! Head east up the Columbia to look for sunshine
  21. This is looking a little better, but it's time to stop and set up shop.
  22. Our host setting up the 'scope
  23. This is what we came for!
  24. Unnamed
  25. Apres eclipse skiing on Mt. Hood
  26. Lesson: An Eclipse is a great excuse to get together with friends
  27. Total Solar Eclipse Kona, Hawaii July 11, 1991
  28. Hawaii has a nice dry coast north of Kona
  29. But it also has plenty of clouds
  30. And lots of crazy eclipse viewers
  31. But patience (and luck) pays off!
  32. Unnamed
  33. Great way to end a day of eclipse chasing!
  34. The eclipse chasers give thanks to the eclipse god
  35. Lesson: An Eclipse is a great excuse to go somewhere you're wanting to visit an
  36. Total Solar Eclipse Steinheim, Germany August 11, 1999
  37. Lesson: Don't take seeing the Eclipse too seriously